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Please be aware that Sleep Medicine Therapies is open for consultations, and continuing to care for OSA patients. We are a stand-alone Medical office, with the ability to schedule patients without overlap and avoid a crowded waiting room.  Minimal exposure and worry for the patients.

We are screening each patient by temperature, using the proper PPE/IC, and reducing direct patient contact. We consider OSA treatment essential, and especially during this COVID-19 crisis. Please keep yourself healthy!  SLEEP APNEA IS A BREATHING DISORDER!


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We have now added to the treatment protocol


enabling us to increase appliance effectivenes.




SLEEP MEDICINE THERAPIES  is a ProSomnus provider!

ProSomnus Sleep Devices were used to successfully treat 71% of OSA patients,

 including 100% of mild patients, 86% of moderate patients and 42% of severe patients.

           Meet Dr. Dagati

As a Dental Sleep Medicine practitioner,  Dr. Dagati is a current member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, and Diplomate, American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine.    




    A graduate of The Ohio State University Dental School, Dr. Dagati has more than  thirty years of private practice experience as a Dentist.


    Dr. Dagati has completed additional training at the Midwest Implant Institute and Straight Wire Orthodontics.  These treatment modalities were part of his general practice providing comprehensive care for his patients.


   Currently, Dr. Dagati has limited his practice to advancing the treatment of Sleep Apnea.  As the clinical director of Sleep Medicine Therapies, he is providing Oral Appliance Therapy for Sleep Apnea, with concentration on the C-PAP intolerant patients.

   The appliances Dr. Dagati uses for therapy are custom fit for each patient, effective and most of all quite comfortable!  The appliances are covered (by %) through medical insurance and Medicare.


    Continuing to be at the cutting edge of Sleep Apnea treatment,  Dr. Dagati has completed the Mastery Program of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, and has successfully completed the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine certification exam.

   Dr. Dagati has been awarded the Diplomate, American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine.


           What is an Oral Appliance for Sleep Apnea?

      The appliance is a small plastic device, fitted to your dentition, comfortably worn during the time you are sleeping.  It is like a sports mouth guard or retainer, but the function is different. 

      The appliance is designed to help prevent the collapse of the tongue toward the back of the throat, lift the soft tissues of the palate and throat, to open the airway during sleep. 

      These physiological changes act to increase airflow to the lungs gently.   The C-PAP achieves this by forcing air into your airway, sometimes at high flow rates.                          

            Why an Oral Appliance? 

      The Appliance is comfortable and easy to maintain and travel with.  C-PAP is burdensome, uncomfortable.

      The  Appliance is EFFECTIVE, especially for Mild to Moderate Sleep Apnea.

      The appliance is non-invasive and reversible.

      The appliance is cost effective and covered by Medical Insurance and Medicare.


              TEST YOURSELF


How likely are you to doze or fall asleep during the following scenarios:

   1 = Slight chance of dozing

   2 = Moderate chance of dozing

   3 = High chance of dozing

Activity                         Score

Slight chance of dozing         

    while watching TV              ______

Sitting inactive in public        ______

Car passenger for > 1 hour    ______

Laying down to rest in the

     afternoon                            ______

Sitting and talking to 

     someone                             ______

Sitting quietly after lunch

  but no alcohol                       ______

In a car stopped in traffic      ______

                                  TOTAL   ______

           SCORE > 8 ?

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SLEEP MEDICINE THERAPIES can set up a Home Sleep Test for you.... no need to go to a sleep lab or hospital.

  Chance of Stroke is                Reduced

Sleep Apnea can be the cause of a first time or recurrent stroke, because it is linked to low oxygen levels and high blood pressure.

    Stress Reduction

Better continuous sleep eliminates sleep debt caused by Sleep Apnea, allowing the brain to cope with anxiety and stress.

     Weight Loss

Sleep deprivation leads to large increases in weight, and makes it hard to lose the weight you gained.

 Daytime Fatigue is Reduced

Increased sleep, with more deep sleep, allows you to awakened refreshed, and feel awake during the day.

 Cardiac Events and High Blood Pressure are Effectively Reduced
Falling oxygen levels during Sleep Apnea stresses the heart, increasing the heart rate, and the blood pressure.  This also affects the blood vessels negatively.




  Treatment and            follow-up

Refreshed Sleep and Increased Overall Health

Can Be Yours...

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